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I met the biggest dweeb in the world!


Photo by Donatas Ivoška


Alexander Rybak Official Instagram

Alexander posted this Instagram  8/8 - 2014 with the text:

"Girls, does this t-shirt make me masculine?

#newlook #smallpleasures”

And he also posted the picture on his Official Facebook-page   with the words:

"For those of you who watched me hosting "Allsang på Grensen", you may have noticed my new t-shirt. So how do you like my new manly approach, ladies?"

As the Fiddler is clearly asking for female opinions, we urge you to go to his Official Instagram and Facebook-page and answer his questions. My only comment here will be: “Silence speaks louder than a 1000 words” :-)


@rybakofficial: Into A Fantasy in #Moscow! Join my live conference at 15.00, on @MUZTV #МУЗТВ #МОСКВА #httyd2


"INTO A FANTASY" - Alexander Rybak is contributing a new song to DreamWorks’ HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 !!

Today, Alexander confirmed that he is contributing to the latest DreamWorks Pictures’ adventure “How to Train Your Dragon 2" with a new song which will be played by the end of the movie in Scandinavia, Russia and other European countries.
The song is called “Into a Fantasy" and deals with the theme that people should support and back each other.

In a radio interview (x) Alexander mentiones that he had written the song within half a day and it was recorded in only two days. When he sent it to DreamWorks they already wrapped all the contracts but they liked Alexander’s song so much that they decided to put it into the movie.

He further talks about the shooting of the new music video which was taking place in Selje, Norway, which he calles a beautiful place. He mentions that many of his fans have started to learn Norwegian and love Norway so he thought it was about time to have a music video with Norwegian surroundings.